Le Rivage to join Westin chain

December 24, 2012 by  

Le Rivage Hotel in Sacramento will soon become a Westin property. Westin, a real estate company that develops and maintains hotels, is purchasing the Sacramento hotel and it will soon have new ownership.

Michael Schaefer, who is Brighton Management’s senior vice president of operations, reported that the franchise application has already been approved and the Le Rivage hotel will be converted to one of Westin’s properties within the next few months. He reported:

“The plan is to fully convert it to a Westin (including signage and other conversions) by March 1, 2013.”

When hotels and other businesses are converted to new ownership, a number of changes may be required to printed documents and marketing materials. Business card printing will likely be needed to make any changes to information regarding ownership and the business name. Stationery printing is also likely to be required, especially by businesses such as hotels that often provide stationery in each room for guests. Other printing services that may be necessary include catalog printing and flyer printing.

The conversion of the Le Rivage hotel will mark the first Westin property in Sacramento. Westin intends to keep the hotel spa in place, as well as the restaurant, Scott’s Seafood. Schaefer also reported that Westin is making plans to talk with city officials about developing the area, along the riverfront, in the future.

The boutique hotel has 101 rooms and is located on Riverside Boulevard. Reports show that it was purchased for $16m.