City hopes mural project brings new life to K Street

March 18, 2013 by  

The city of Sacramento hopes to bring new life to the K Street area in the downtown district with a mural project.

A stroll through the 800 block of the area gives a view of what the city is trying to cover up. Lisa Martinez, the Director of Marketing and Outreach for Downtown Sacramento Partnership, admitted:

“It’s somewhat of an eyesore.”

Meanwhile, Koreena Schultz, who is the Director of Operations at Pizza Rock, located on K Street’s east end a couple of blocks away, said:

“I want that area to be a part of something I want to walk through.”

One lucky local artist or artistic group may now get the opportunity to transform that eyesore on K Street into a beautiful work of art and legally paint on a street side canvas. The deadline to submit ideas for the mural was Friday, March 15, and the project is expected to be completed this summer.

It is hoped that the mural project will not only make the area more pleasing for people to walk through, thus drawing more customers to nearby stores, but perhaps even draw in some new businesses to the K Street area. This would likely translate to more customers for existing businesses as well, such as local printing companies that could be called upon to provide printing services as new businesses establish themselves in the area with banner printing or flyer printing.

Hopes are that the new mural may just revitalize the 800 block of K Street to make it as much a hub of activity as the east end is.