Roseville Chamber To Host Variety Of Events

April 25, 2012 by  

With the Chamber Breakfast and even a workshop on the Roseville Business Directory coming up, it’s clear that the Roseville Chamber of Commerce is successfully managing to go above and beyond in making sure that their members have plenty of interesting events to choose from.

Out of this list, the meet-up that’s taking place the soonest is the “Chamber Breakfast”. Being held April 26th, this is once again going to be an excellent opportunity for local members of the business community who are looking to interact with one another in a more laid back atmosphere.

Sponsored by none other than the Metro PCS, this one is expected to begin at 7:00 am and conclude a full 2 hours later at 9:00 am. Convenient in terms of timing and priced at $15 for members and $22 for guests and walk-ins, those planning to be at the Sierra View Country Club will have to register as soon as possible and will probably also need to arrive with an adequate amount of business card printing.

Not too much later on May 3rd, the Chamber of Commerce is going to be giving its members yet another chance to learn the fundamentals of how the Roseville Business Directory makes it possible for a local company to start getting more exposure. Covering everything from the set-up to the implementation, business owners can accomplish quite a bit with these listings. When utilized in combination with digital business cards and websites, the possibilities become all the more apparent. Contact the chamber to learn more.