Local teen premieres first film

October 18, 2013 by  

A 14-year-old Roseville resident will be premiering his first film later this month. The independent short movie ‘The Spread’ was written, directed, and starred in by John Capizzano IV, and will have its debut at Corbett’s House of Horrors in Roseville, fitting right in with the pre-Halloween atmosphere.

The 18-minute short movie is a twist on the classic zombie theme. In the movie, terrorists disperse a powdered substance that turns ordinary human beings into cannibalizing monsters. Cappizano’s character must team up with his best friend to survive their surroundings. They work together to save two teenage girls, and then fight to escape the zombie-infected area. The film is heavily inspired by ‘The Walking Dead’, a popular comic book and television series following the adventures of humans struggling to survive during a zombie apocalypse.

Printing up promotional materials like postcards and flyers, perhaps with the help of a local print company, is one way to spread the word about a film premiere like this. Additionally, an up-and-coming young director might just like the idea of printing up some professional digital business cards.

The film can be seen on Friday, October 25, starting at 8:00 pm, and there will also be three showings on Sunday, October 27. The screening is free to view, but there is also a haunted Halloween maze on the premises on the Friday. For those interested in exploring the maze, $5 of the entry price on the night will be donated to a Kickstarter fund for Capizzano’s next film.