Kenny G & Co. Fine Jewelers moves to nearby Fountains

November 12, 2012 by  

A local jewelry chain, Kenny G & Co. Fine Jewelers, moved its Galleria Boulevard store in Roseville to the Fountains earlier this month. The previous location was at 1132 Galleria Boulevard. The new store, encompassing almost 2,700 square feet of space, is located in the Fountains next to the Coldwater Creek outlet. The new location was opened on Thursday, November 1.

Kenny and Joanne Gorden, who own and run the jewelry company, are from Sacramento. Kenny said they had always dreamed of having a location at the Fountains, saying:

“We’ve long wanted a store in Fountains, and all of the pieces just fell into place.”

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Kenny G & Co. Fine Jewelers employs approximately 45 people. The company has headquarters in Citrus Heights, where its first store opened in 1997. Other store locations are in Reno, opened in 2005, and Elk Grove, opened in 2001. The Galleria Boulevard store that was recently moved to the Fountains shopping complex was opened in 2002.

The Peter P. Bollinger Investment Co. owns the Fountains at Roseville, which is managed by an affiliate of Inter-Cal Real Estate Corporation.