Chamber has ambitious goals towards month’s end

March 26, 2012 by  

For members of the Roseville Chamber of Commerce, the month will be ending on a high note with the Small Business Speakers series and a Chamber Orientation taking place one after another.

Starting tomorrow March 27th, the Small Business Speaker workshop is the first of these two events. Although these seminars always revolve around something practical, this upcoming presentation is going to center around an important subject not always talked about: appearances. Even if it isn’t their initial intention, most people make little judgments based on what they see.

Attention to such small but critical details as wardrobe could be the difference between a confident customer and an individual who’s going to be “keeping options open”. In “Dress for Success”, Janet Norris of All About Style will be tying it all together for attendees.

In light of the fact that time is being allotted for networking as well, business card printing is a service worth looking into here. Since attendance is free to all members of the chamber, and $25 for everyone else, the cost isn’t a problem for this one.

Whether getting to know other professionals or learning about different ways to implement useful resources, like poster printing and digital business cards, most business people are aware of how being plugged into the chamber can help. During the March 28th Chamber Orientation, attendees will be learning the ways in which a professional can get the most out of being a member.

Those who intend to be there are advised to RSVP as soon as possible.