Riverside looks to the skies

September 18, 2013 by  

Riverside will experience how many aviation experts appreciate flight, and see some of their prized flying machines, with the Flabob Flying Circus about to flap its way into the area.

From observing birds and winds in wonder to the modern age of space travel, flight has always fascinated humans, and the Flying Circus is an opportunity for pilots and aviation enthusiasts to meet the general public in a celebration of prop-driven aircraft. Attendees will have access to the hangars and be able to converse with the pilots and mechanics.

Flabob features a museum-like tour and collection, which will include a Wright Flyer for visitors to gander at as well. Pancake breakfasts are provided early, along with food trucks and a cafe for hungry visitors. The culmination of festivities is the Cavalcade, in which participating pilots will take to the skies simultaneously for an inimitable spectacle.

The Flying Circus could call for the support of local organizations, and advertising with local print companies (using poster printing to craft vintage-appearing materials, for example) is bound to draw attention to the event and fit the theme.

Locals can appreciate aviation history by heading to Flabob Airport at 4130 Mennes Ave., Riverside, California 92509. Flabob Flying Circus begins on Thursday, September 26 and carries through until Sunday, September 29. The first two days are dedicated to setup and flying in, during which features such as the pancake breakfast, café, and hangars will be available but do not feature a dedicated flying presentation. Saturday features the Cavalcade and Wright Flyer presentation with departures on Sunday. Admission is $10 for adults, and free for children