Business Networking to have meet-up May 1st

April 29, 2012 by  

Riverside residents and business professionals will have a balanced list of events to attending with Business Networking hosting an event on the 1st and an important seminar in the 2012 Early Literacy Conference.

Business owners and professionals who have an interest in attending a meet-up that’s been designed with them in mind have an event worth going to in “Business Networking: Let’s Network”. Being held in the morning with a start time of 7:30 AM and the conclusion taking place a little over an hour later at 8:45 am, this is a group that’s dedicated to working towards the success of its members. With the help of some business card printing, this is a great way for local entrepreneurs to drum up a few extra customers.

With the first two meetings free for guests, there’s no harm in going over and seeing what this group is like. In light of the fact that Business Networking follows a “one member per profession” rule, another perk associated with these meetings is the lack of competition overall. As a result, local business owners can’t go far wrong with this one.

Speaking of events that people can feel comfortable going to, the 2012 Early Literacy Conference is being held in Riverside on May 12th. Although the content is definitely geared more towards those who work in the field of education, this is still a seminar that residents with an interest in hearing about how children can be better encouraged to read. Seats are limited, however, so those who want to be present will have to obtain their tickets soon.