SpringFest organizers in search of sponsors

March 26, 2012 by  

Although the 30th Annual SpringFest doesn’t officially start until April 26th, organizers have wasted no time in letting Redondo Beach companies know that they can get involved with the community and gain some fast exposure by becoming sponsors.

As has always been the case with its predecessors, the 30th Annual SpringFest is set to be a good time for all. Showcasing the creativity of local artisans and artists, offering residents varied but high quality food, and coming complete with carnival rides, and a place for children to play, this year’s event looks to take the family fun to a whole new level. With admission and parking being free, it goes without saying that there’s sure to be a strong turnout at this one. Going from the 26th April to the 29th, a company can gain a lot of exposure with the help of a bit of banner printing.

According to the forms available on the SpringFest website, there are a number of different sponsorship packages available. In ascending order these come down to: Associate Sponsorship, Supporting Sponsorship, and Presenting Sponsorship. The costs of these options add up to $1,500, $2,500, and $5,000 respectively. Some of the highlights include the inclusion of the company logo on the banner printing, the ability to give out product samples, and even a booth.

While local printing companies are most likely going to be busy supplying poster printing and flyers for this cause, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find brochure printers who are willing to fill orders. Consider getting in touch and seeing what sponsorship opportunities are available.