Made by Meg catering to open small café

January 22, 2013 by  

A small six-seat café is coming to Redondo Beach in the near future, giving people in the area another change to satisfy their rumbling stomachs.

Chef Meg Hall, who owns and operates the catering service ‘Made by Meg’, has plans to open the small restaurant in March. Many of the seasonal items that are to be sold at the small café will be ready-made, contributing to the quick serve nature of the café. Some of the food fare, however, will be prepared fresh upon order.

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The current menu for Made by Meg’s small café includes a variety of fresh and pre-made food. The menu consists of dishes featuring everything from wild mushrooms to tandoori chicken to vanilla flavored sweet potatoes. Desserts will include macaroons, chocolates, and cookies. Artisan bottled drinks will also be served, and dressings and sauces can be purchased separately to be used at home. All the while, a strong emphasis will be placed on serving what is in season.