Sierra Club to get walking boots on

December 12, 2013 by  

The Sierra Club, Redding chapter will be hosting a Winter Moonlight walk on Redding River Trail later this month. For those people wishing to get away from the hustle and bustle of traditional holiday shopping and get back to feeling spiritual, an hour’s walk along the Redding River at night, guided by moonlight, might be just the trick.

The Winter Moonlight Walk will begin on Sundial Bridge’s south side, just next to the seating area for the snack bar seating for Turtle Bay Exploration Park. Walkers will cross the bridge and travel north along the river for approximately one hour, take a short rest, and then return. Though it’s not recommended (so as to preserve the moonlight experience) those that wish to do so may bring lamps or flashlights with them. Sierra Club member Marti Weidert will be leading the walk, which should provide an excellent opportunity for taking pictures to be used for postcard printing.

The walk will be Grade 1A (less than six miles and lower than 1,000 feet in elevation). Participants are urged to dress appropriately and to apprise the leader of any medical needs. Those in wheelchairs are welcome to participate in the walk. Everyone participating will be expected to follow the Sierra Club rule of leaving nature the way it was found.

The Winter Moonlight Walk will happen this Sunday, December 15, commencing at approximately 4:30 pm (the sun will set at 4:46 pm). The event is free but walkers must be at least five years old.