Rodeo Week kicks off in Redding

May 13, 2013 by  

The annual Redding Rodeo Week kicked off on Saturday, May 11, with a rousing barbecue and dance sponsored by the Redding Rodeo Association. The kick-off event to Rodeo Week was held at the Redding rodeo grounds, located not far from the Redding Civic Auditorium.

The annually anticipated event includes a delicious pancake breakfast, the Redding Rodeo Parade, a bank holdup performance put on by the Lone Stranger and his hilarious sidekick, and the week’s most anticipated activity—the rodeo. This year’s event has been lengthened to include an additional day of fun. Instead of the usual three-day rodeo event, viewers this year can expect four days of rip-roaring rodeo activity.

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The Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) Champions Challenge, which is a televised event this year, will showcase some of the world’s best rodeo riders. Redding is just one of the four cities throughout the country this year to host the Challenge.

Dave Golab, ticket chairman, reported that tickets still are available for all four rodeo events. The rodeos run from this Wednesday, May 15, until Saturday, May 18. Tickets can be purchased either online at the Redding Rodeo website or at the box office