Redding police headquarters look into moving to City Hall

September 21, 2012 by  

The Redding Police Department is seriously considering a move to City Hall in the near future. In a 3-1 vote at a City Council meeting held on Tuesday, September 18, it was decided that an architectural firm will be hired to analyze and develop plans for the new headquarters.

Kurt Starman, City Manager, estimated that the total cost of the project would probably run around $7m. After the meeting, Starman stated:

“This is an affordable plan, but obviously the findings will be a key piece [determining] whether we have the ability to finance the project. My sense is that this plan is viable and something we can proceed with in the reasonable [sic] near future.”

When city offices and other departments restructure or relocate their operations and headquarters, local printing companies might expect to be called upon to provide a number of various printing services for the city. With moves such as this, stationery printing and business card printing might well be necessary to reflect address changes and any other necessary changes in official documentation. Banner printing is also likely to be used at groundbreaking ceremonies once construction begins.

It was decided at the meeting that Starman will meet with Nichols, Melburg & Rossetto to draw up a contract within the next couple of weeks. This is the same firm that designed the current City Hall building. Council members estimate that the firm complete its study by January 2013. While the study is underway and plans are being developed, city staff members will work on the forthcoming two-year budget, looking closely at possible resources for funding of the project.