Not too late for two Greeters meetings

March 26, 2012 by  

Through the Greater Redding Chamber of Commerce, both Sierra Oaks Senior Living and Members 1st Credit Union are hosting Greeters events tomorrow March 27th and Thursday 29th, respectively.

Keeping in line with its stated goal of giving business owners opportunities to gain exposure, make connections, and provide information, the Redding Chamber of Commerce is giving business owners a chance to promote themselves and their companies through good old-fashioned face to face meetings. Via its Greeters program, business owners are able to do a bit networking amongst themselves while a spotlighted chamber member will get to give a mini-presentation to the others present.

According to the Greater Redding Chamber of Commerce website, expected turnout to Greeters meetings is anywhere from 80 to 100. For this reason, the chamber has taken great pains to let prospective attendees know that they’ll need to arrive with enough business card printing to last. Luckily, there are printing companies in Redding who would be more than happy to help with that.

Another reason why Greeters is a good event to get involved with is because of the convenient timing. Unlike some groups that might require professionals to rearrange their schedules and plan around on the whole, Greeters is held in the morning with a start time of 7:30am and typically concludes at 9:00am, no matter who happens to be providing the venue. Consequently, this makes it easier for business owners to put in an appearance and go about their days without interruption.

See what this program is all about on either the 27th or the 29th.