Mt. Shasta Ski Park contemplates an early ski season

December 17, 2012 by  

As the possibility of cold storms are predicted for Siskiyou County, the Mt. Shasta Ski Park, located approximately an hour north of Redding, makes possible plans to open early for the holiday season. Jim Mullins, who serves as the spokesman for the ski park, reported that as long as the park is able to maintain cold temperatures and make snow, there is a good possibility that the park will be able to open early.

As the Mt. Shasta Ski Park gears up for the possibility of an early season, it is likely that area businesses are also preparing for the extra tourists and consumers that will be in the area. This may also mean extra business for local printing companies as businesses order a variety of printing services in an effort to attract consumers. Flyer printing, poster printing, and banner printing are just a couple of ways these businesses may choose to draw in customers throughout the skiing season.

Last year, the ski park got a late start, eliminating approximately half of the season’s business. If the Mt. Shasta Ski Park is able to open before Christmas, the first customers would be greeted an entire month earlier. Opening early does not just benefit the resort, however. Businesses throughout the area experience the economic benefit of an early ski season, as skiers and vacationers take to the slopes and bring in additional businesses to hotels, restaurants, retail stores, and other businesses in the surrounding area.