Expo and meet-up still to come in August

August 20, 2012 by  

With the ‘Open for Business Expo’ as well as another Greeters meeting coming up, members of Redding’s business community have a couple of events to prepare for over the course of the next few weeks.

For company representatives and business professionals, the Open for Business Expo is an event that simply cannot be missed. Offering a legitimate platform that lets people connect with each other, business owners will be able to interact with professionals who are based in an incredibly broad range of fields. Starting bright and early at 7:30 am and concluding at around 3:00 pm this Thursday, August 23, the time allotment given here has certainly been generous.

Interestingly enough, local and nearby brochure printers will probably be the busiest ahead of this one with business card printing, flyer printing, poster printing, and possibly even banner printing being just a few of the printing services that are sure to be needed. Whether looking for partners or future clients, this is the place Redding business owners want to be. With this event just around the corner, however, those who are looking to put in an appearance should think about contacting the Chamber for more information.

As far as networking opportunities go, the calendar shows that the Redding Chamber of Commerce is closing out the month with a Greeters meet-up on August 30. Also taking off in the morning with a start time of 7:45 am, there are several compelling reasons to consider participating in this particular event. Since this session concludes at around 9:00 am, working professionals can plan for this get-together fairly easily.