Exciting new interactive lorikeet exhibit comes to town

July 21, 2013 by  

A small, arboreal parrot that feeds on berries and flower nectar, the lorikeet is brilliantly-colored, friendly, and can be seen at a new, year-round exhibit in Redding, California.

This exhibit not only offers fun for families , but an opportunity for local businesses who wish to work with print companies to boost their advertising in the area. With traffic coming in to meet the birds, plenty of eyes will probably find nearby advertisements.

Each visitor must pay a $1 admission fee plus park admission to cover a cup of nectar for the lorikeets, also known as lories. The lories will fly down to visitors in the aviary and land to eat the nectar from the cups. Attendees can expect lories landing on their shoulders, arms, heads, hands, and all other suitable perch locations. Visitors can purchase additional nectar cups for more interaction with the lories. This experience is, of course, family friendly and open to the little ones.

It takes place at the Turtle Bay Exploration Park at 840 Sundial Bridge Drive. The exhibit will be open Monday through Saturday.

Cameras are welcome to capture the interaction between guests and birds.