2012 Girls’ Night Out to be in November

October 22, 2012 by  

The 2012 Girls’ Night Out is scheduled to take place in early November in Anderson, located approximately 13 miles south of Redding.

Girls’ Night Out is an educational and interactive fun-filled activity sponsored by the Mercy Medical Center Redding and Spirit of Women, the latter of which is a network of national hospitals committed to the education and care of women, focusing upon complete well-being through different community and health programs created to improve women’s lives.

Informational and interactive activities and community events often use a number of printed materials to welcome guests, announce activities, advertise, and provide visitors with information. Brochure printers are often used for such events to print up pamphlets and other informational material to be handed out to those in attendance. Banner printing, flyer printing, and poster printing may also be used at such activities.

Gloria Mayfield Banks will be the keynote speaker for the Girls’ Night Out event. Banks is an inspirational and energetic motivational speaker and entrepreneur, as well as a national sales director for a major beauty company. She overcame a number of struggles in life, including a learning disability, to beat the odds and create a successful and satisfying life. In addition to sharing her own story, Banks will teach all women present how they can also live a successful and satisfying life with determination and work.

The big event is to take place on Thursday, November 1 in at the gala Hotel and Spa at 4125 Riverside Place from 5:00 pm until 9:00 pm.