Sweet toothed-locals to enjoy an exciting tour

June 10, 2013 by  

The L.A. Vocolate Tour is bringing deliciously exciting fun to all who are interested, leading guests to quaint shops and hotspots for yummy treats.

Businesses in Rancho Cucamonga looking to appeal to the guests of the L.A. Vocolate Tour could try offering confection samples with stellar digital business cards to earn loyal customers for life. In addition, businesses can collaborate with banner printing companies to gain exposure by placing advertisements along the route of the L.A. Vocolate Tour.

On the tour, every guest will taste several types of chocolate and ice cream from around the city. It will even make a stop at a monastery to try handmade, heavenly delights.

Each guest will not only receive samples along the way, they will enjoy a gourmet lunch covered by the admission fee. Plus, everyone receives samples to take home and share with loved ones.

Guests could consider bringing a camera and capturing the exciting moments and big smiles encountered along the way on the L.A. Vocolate Tour. They are also recommended to come with an empty stomach, as the food provided during the tour is more than enough to satisfy most people’s appetites, and then some.

The L.A. Vocolate Tour takes place on June 20, beginning at 9:00 am and lasting all the way until 5:30 pm. Each guest must purchase a reservation for $95, a cost that covers all of the gourmet treats along the path. For additional information on the event, call 909-477-2780.