New park and improvements near Foothill Boulevard could bring in business

October 22, 2012 by  

The recent completion of Route 66 Trailhead Park in Rancho Cucamonga and improvements made to Foothill Boulevard could help bring extra business to the area in the near future, according to the Mayor.

Mayor Dennis Michael thanked residents in the area for putting up with the added traffic, dust, construction noise, delays, removal of the bridge, and closures during the construction and renovation of the area. Michaels commented that the improvements made to Foothill Boulevard open up the area to more organized and safer travel, help increase property values in the area, and aid in attracting new businesses to the area. He also commented:

“Now that the Route 66 Trailhead has been completed, visitors and residents alike can use this area to either start on the trail, pause while they’re on the he trail, or end their journey on the trail as they travel along the Pacific Electric Trail.”

Renovations and improvements made within a city can help persuade new businesses to move into the area. As businesses are attracted to the area, local print companies may be utilized to provide business card printing and suchlike.

The new Route 66 Trailhead Park and the improvements made along Foothill Boulevard were recently dedicated with a ribbon-cutting ceremony in which Joan Andrea Miller, who was also a part of another Route 66 project over 70 years ago, assisted. Miller had helped with the dedication of the widening of Route 66 in 1938. She stated that she was honored to be recognized as a special guest at this most recent dedication.