Networking and learning ahead for local professionals

July 21, 2012 by  

Between the upcoming Rancho Cucamonga 1st Friday Mixer and the IRS workshop following quickly afterwards, members of the business community have at least a few unique events to choose from this month.

The activity kicks off fairly soon with the Rancho Cucamonga 1st Friday Mixer being held on August 3. Currently promoted as a place where business professionals can network with one another in a low-key setting, this one is being hosted at the Hourglass Art & Wine Gallery. Starting in the evening with a listed schedule that goes from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm, the networking potential is something that cannot be overlooked. Sitting at a cost of $10 for those who sign up early and $15 for those who would rather pay at the door, the pricing is definitely within reason as well.

With attendees being encouraged to arrive with promotional materials in hand, business card printing and flyer printing are just a few of the printing services that might be required of brochure printers here.

Just under two weeks after the Mixer, the IRS Form 1099 Reporting will be taking place on July 16. In this economic climate, many companies have turned to outsourcing and independent contractors in order to keep costs down. While there is no question that this is typically a financially prudent strategy, not following IRS protocols can and often does come back to haunt a company. Aimed primarily at accounting professionals and company decision-makers, this Ontario-based seminar looks to cover the ins and outs of filing 1099s. The availability of online registration makes it even easier to plan ahead.