Motorcyclists rev up for 25th Annual Run for the Wall

May 20, 2013 by  

Over a thousand motorcyclists took off from Victoria Gardens in Rancho Cucamonga on Wednesday, May 15 for Run for the Wall, a motorcycle run to honor soldiers who were either killed during action or are missing, as well as military prisoners of war.

The motorcycle trek is a cross-country run that will take 10 days and has two routes, both of which started at Rancho Cucamonga. One route travels through the central states, while the other covers the southern portion. Both routes will meet in Washington D.C.

Laurie Clay, organizer for the southern route, stated:

“Everybody has their own reason for participating in Run for the Wall. That reason could be honoring a loved one or a lost friend, or someone trying to rid themselves of some memories they want to leave at the wall or leave along the way from their military experience. We ride to ensure our country doesn’t forget there are POWs, KIAs, and MIAs unaccounted for. There are 83,000-plus from all the wars.”

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This is the 25th year for the Run for the Wall motorcycle run, which was started by Vietnam Vets to address those who were killed or missing during the Vietnam War.