Inland Empire HireLive Career Fair May 3rd

April 26, 2012 by  

With the “Inland Empire HireLive Sales and Management Career Fair” and a “Small Business Funding Seminar” coming up on the horizon, it’s clear that Rancho Cucamonga business owners have at least two well-balanced events to choose from.

Out of these events the festivities begin on May 3rd with the Inland Empire HireLive Sales and Management Career Fair. If the online advertisements are anything to go by, this is going to be one of those events that local and nearby individuals just can’t afford to miss out on.

Since Fortune 500 companies expected to be there along with a number of experienced professionals, this is as good a time as any for contacting a print company and making an inquiry into the possibility of getting some business card printing carried out. Lasting just a little less than half a full day, the 9:00 am to 12:30 pm schedule is another point that works in the Career Fair’s favor.

Also taking place in Ontario is going to be the “Small Business Funding Seminar” just a day later on the 4th of May. As most already know, funding is an important issue that many business owners find themselves contending with on a regular basis.

In this workshop, local business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs have the option of coming in and hearing what Michael Ondieki has to say. True to its title, this workshop is going to cover the fundamentals of raising capital as a small business owner. Priced at $20.91 for those who opt to register for this one online and $40 at the door, this is another option worth looking into.