Haunted houses come together raise funds for charity

October 23, 2013 by  

Two of Rancho Cucamonga’s most famous Halloween attractions have teamed up for charity this year.

Every autumn, residents Deno Borghi and Mario Gonzalez turn their homes into elaborate haunted houses for their neighbors and community, and the spectacles keep growing bigger and spookier. This year, the two men decided to work together to promote both haunted houses and raise money for a good cause.

Both families spend at least $5,000 on the setup of their haunted houses each Halloween season, and it’s all for the benefit of the more than 2,000 nightly visitors who usually attend on the Friday and Saturday evenings before Halloween. Both attractions feature audio/visual spectacles, spooky décor, and impressive props and animatronic figures.

This year, the Borghi house has expanded outside to include new backyard mazes. The Gonzalez house event tends to be more of a light and video experience, with moving figures, spooky videos, and music cued to motion sensors located around the halls.

Between them, the two families have been creating their Halloween horror experiences for over 15 years, but this was the first year in which they have joined up to cross-promote their houses, and it was all in the name of fun and charity. Hundreds of dollars were donated, and all donations were then given to the Loma Linda Children’s Hospital.

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