Traveling photo exhibit has Pleasant Hill in its sights

September 17, 2012 by  

Pleasant Hill will be the first stop on the map for the Caldecott Tunnel fourth bore exhibition this month.

The Caldecott Tunnel exhibition left its permanent display station in Oakland at the Metropolitan Transportation Commission headquarters early this month to travel to Pleasant Hill. The exhibition will remain on display at City Hall until the end of the month, when it will continue its travels to another destination requesting the exhibition.

Ivy Morrison, the public information officer for Caltra, stated:

“We can’t bring the public to the project, but we can take the project to the public.”

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The Caldecott Tunnel fourth bore project is an effort to create a two-lane bore just north of the three existing tunnels. The partnership consists of four local transport-oriented organizations. Photos include rare views inside the tunnel from the start of the project in August 2010. According to public information officer Martin Nelis, some portraits of many of the project’s “unsung heroes” are also included in the exhibit.