Pleasant Hill to cut health benefits for elected officials

February 15, 2012 by  

Elected officials in Pleasant Hill only have a few more months to enjoy their current medical coverage before a number of benefit reductions go into effect. The Pleasant Hill City Council has voted to trim health insurance benefits and cut the monthly fee given to those who decline coverage.

Dental and vision benefits have been removed from the health plan for city council members and the city clerk and treasurer. A bonus benefit that had allowed the treasurer and clerk to spend up to $1,500 every other year to purchase computers and other technological devices has also been wiped out. Doing away with the vision, dental and technology benefits will save the city $8,500 each year.

The city will pay half of the Kaiser premium for elected officials who choose to keep their trimmed down benefits package. Elected officials who opt to pass on the reduced benefits plan will be eligible to receive a $200 monthly payment. Elected city leaders previously received $400 each month that can be cashed out or placed into a deferred compensation account when they declined health coverage.

Pleasant Hill says the cutbacks in medical coverage will save the city more than $25,000 annually based on the three elected officials who use the city’s health plan. The city may use a printing company to run off a detailed explanation of the forthcoming medical benefit cuts.

The reductions go into effect after the November election. Life insurance benefits for the Pleasant Hills 7 elected officials will not be affected by the cutbacks.