Pleasant Hill starts to socialize

February 24, 2013 by  

A series of social media workshops is being held in the city of Pleasant Hill throughout the year. The workshop series was designed to help small businesses in the area understand and implement social media marketing to advertise products and services, in addition to the banner printing, catalog printing, and other advertising means these businesses already use.

Each of the workshops, which will be held at different times throughout the year, will focus on a different social media platform. Those in attendance will learn about the given platform through slide presentations and should walk away with a basic understanding about that particular platform and how to use it as a tool for marketing.

There will be four workshops in total, including one that occurred in January. The next workshop is scheduled for Wednesday, March 20 at Pleasant Hill City Hall, located at 100 Gregory Lane. The workshop will be held in the Large Community Room from 8:00 am until 10:00 pm.

In addition to social media marketing, businesses in and around the Pleasant Hill area may choose to use other forms of advertisement to market locally to existing customers and draw in new consumers. Digital business cards may also be used to stay in touch with customers and reach out to a wider audience.

The first workshop on January 23 included an introduction to social media and its use as a marketing tool. The remaining three workshops will focus on the most widely used social media platforms. Pre-registration is required to attend the workshops. Those interested should contact Megan at Hogan Marketing and Media by calling (925) 685-9535. The workshop series is free to attend.