Patch 100 gets women connected

April 15, 2013 by  

The Patch 100 initiative kicked off on Tuesday, April 9, with ‘What’s for Work?’ – an initiative workshop for women that teaches them about the importance of taking part in online career networking, forums, and community websites.

The workshop took place at the Pleasanton Public Library, approximately 25 miles southeast of Pleasant Hill, and emphasized the importance of creating an employment profile online in an effort to appeal to employers and come across as desirable employees.

Workshops and other such seminars that take place within a community generally provide those in attendance with informational materials in the form of flyer printing or pamphlets prepared by brochure printers and local print companies.

Approximately a dozen women from throughout the East Bay area were in attendance at the workshop. They received tips on how to create a professional online image both internally and externally with the right profile picture and an honest approach. The workshop primarily focuses upon women who have left the workforce for one reason or another and are returning to it after being away. They are encouraged to be honest about their reasons for leaving the workforce and why they wish to reenter it.

Approximately 90 women have signed up with Patch 100, and the group encourages more to do so at it website. Employers are also urged to sign up for a small fee.

The next workshop is scheduled for Tuesday, April 30 at 10:30 am at the Pleasanton Library at 400 Old Bernal Avenue. This one will go further in depth about creating a personal online brand.