John F Kennedy University offering essay contest for California students

December 16, 2013 by  

Pleasant Hill’s John F. Kennedy University is hosting an essay contest for California community college students. The university announced the contest on November 22 at the memorial for its presidential namesake. The contest will be open to all community college students in the state of California, and entries will be accepted until February 14.

The theme for the contest is ‘Profiles in Service’. For the subject of their entries, writers are expected to describe an act of service by an individual or by an organization, and how that service positively affects the community. The first place winner will be awarded a scholarship of $2,000 to John F. Kennedy University. The first runner-up will receive a scholarship of $1,000. There will also be up to five finalist positions, and each finalist will receive a $500 scholarship.

The essay contest was announced along with the university’s new service learning program. All students attending the university will now be required to complete a 30-hour service project in the community before they will be allowed to graduate. Additional information about the contest and the service learning requirement is available on the John F Kennedy University website.

An essay contest with a far-reaching contestant base can require some additional promotion in order to reach its intended audience of community college students throughout California. A professional printing company can be a great partner for creating promotional materials. Flyers and posters can be posted in high-traffic student areas, like student unions, bookstores, and libraries, and can be handed out to interested students.