Benicia meet-up to be held

May 21, 2012 by  

The month will be ending on a strong note for professionals, with the Benicia Patch hosting a meeting tomorrow, as well as the Job Fair taking place next week.

Tomorrow (May 22) is the chosen date of the Benucia Patch meeting, being held at the Benucia Community Center. Giving local professionals a chance to connect with one another in a fairly laid-back setting, organizers of this event are looking to combine the advantages of networking with those of a free no-strings-attached workshop.

Going in-depth in demonstrating how business owners can utilize, this talk will make attendees aware of all sorts of resources and could be enough to convince individuals about the value of digital business cards. With this event starting at 8:00 am and ending at 10:00 am, the free food and the prizes simply add to the attraction.

Following this, the “Walnut Creek Sales, Retail & Management Career Fair” is due to be held on May 31. Lasting all morning with advertisements showing an official beginning of 9:00 am and a conclusion taking place just a little after noon at 12:30 pm, this is an event which may be of interest to job-seekers of all stripes. Complete with Hiring Managers present, it represents another sure-fire means of making new contacts.

With the cost of parking coming in at $5 per day, residents and experienced professionals alike have little to lose by making their presence known at the Embassy Suites Hotel. Smart-thinking business professionals who are based in Pleasant Hill will surely be tempted to make an appearance.