Tri-City Park concerts bringing music to the Placentia area

July 19, 2013 by  

The Cultural Arts Commission of the City of Placentia is hosting concerts this July in the Tri-City Park. Local businesses can take this opportunity to put up advertisements to take advantage of increased traffic. For example, working with printing services to create banners to hang near the park.

Visitors can bring blankets, lawn chairs, pillows or any other comforts to make the park feel like home. Cameras to take pictures of the musicians and books for them to sign after the show are also welcome.

In addition to listening to music talented musicians, attendees will be able to purchase drinks, snacks and dinners from a number of food vendors at the concert, all of whom are all non-profit, so visitors can fill their stomachs and know their dollars are going to a cause.

The Tri-City Park at 2301 N. Kraemer Boulevard is the place to be to join the fun. The concerts have free admission and are open to visitors of all ages.

On July 25, Southland will bring its funk, blues, classic rock and country originals to the stage for those watching to strut their stuff to. On August 1, the Placentia Symphonic Band will play both contemporary and renaissance music to brighten the park’s atmosphere. The music starts playing at 6:30 pm and will keep going into the night. Those who have any questions about the amenities or music at the concerts, or who want to find out more, can call 714-993-8232.