Local teens crowned at pageant

February 22, 2013 by  

Yorba Linda Outstanding Teen and Miss Placentia Outstanding Teen were crowned on Saturday, February 9, at the pageant that took place at the Valencia High School in Placentia.

The local Outstanding Teen Pageant included almost three hours of glamor and glitz as the girls showcased various talents in front of an audience consisting of approximately 400 people. Each of the girls was allowed one and a half minutes to perform after nearly six months of rehearsals.

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Fifteen girls from throughout the region, ranging in age from 13 on up to 17, competed in the pageant for a chance to be crowned Outstanding Teen. In addition to displaying their various talents, the contestants were also required to answer questions related to social issues. Talents ranged from spirited singing and powerful dance performances to delicious cooking demonstrations and inspired poetry reading.

In the end, however, only two girls could be crowned. Michelle Jones from El Dorado High School took home the Miss Placentia Outstanding Teen crown, while Karisa You won the title for Yorba Linda. The girls, both aged 16, received $450 scholarships and a chance to take part in the 2013 Miss California Outstanding Teen Pageant in June.