Local artist opens new gallery in Petaluma

April 8, 2013 by  

Ricky Watts, a native artist of Petaluma, is opening up an art gallery in the downtown area.

The 32-year-old artisan, who had moved away for a time, has now come home and is sharing his passion and talent for art with the community. Watts’ paintings, illustrations and various prints will be on exhibit and available for purchase.

Watts, who is currently creating a huge, five-story mural masterpiece on the Phoenix Theater’s building wall, has coincided the opening of his new art gallery with the completion of his large public art project. The mural is the largest to ever be painted in the city and Watts plans to have it completed in the week before opening the art gallery, though that will largely depend upon the weather. To celebrate the opening of the gallery and the completion of the mural, Watts will be handing out autographed spray cans from paint cans he used to create the mural.

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Watts’ new gallery is situated on the Boulevard at 402 Petaluma Boulevard North and is scheduled to open this Saturday, April 13.