Fifth 7-Eleven store opens up in Petaluma

January 22, 2013 by  

A new 7-Eleven store opened up this month in Petaluma next door to 76 Unocal on East Washington and North McDowell, marking the fifth 7-Eleven convenience store for the city of Petaluma.

Two of the other four stores are located at Washington and Howard and Fourth and Petaluma Boulevard South. The other two are located close to the marina at Perry Lane and Lakeville Highway.

As new stores and other businesses locate in Petaluma and the surrounding area, additional business is created for local print companies in Petaluma. These businesses will no doubt need a variety of printing services, especially in the opening days, weeks, and months of the business. Business card printing is necessary for many new businesses to establish a presence in the area, while many stores and retailers also need catalog printing and flyer printing.

7-Eleven, a typical convenience store, is a franchise of an international chain. It is the largest operator licensor and franchisor of convenience store in the world and has over 48,000 outlets worldwide. Its stores operate under Seven & I Holdings Company – its parent company.

7-Eleven convenience stores can be found in 16 countries around the world. Its largest markets are in the United States, Japan, Canada, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines and Taiwan. In 2007, 7-Eleven convenience stores surpassed McDonald’s Corporation as the largest franchisor by about one thousand retail stores. The American division of the retailer, 7-Eleven Inc., is headquartered in the downtown area of Dallas, Texas at the One Arts Plaza.