Exciting musical performance to brighten the night

June 10, 2013 by  

The Vagabond Opera will bring excitement to Petaluma later this month, as each talented musician in the group puts on a stunning performance.

When the Vagabond Opera rolls through Petaluma, a large crowd is sure to gather and enjoy the night. This provides a prime chance for local businesses to work with poster printing services and get their name out there, with the exposure gained from such a night likely to be invaluable when expanding a customer base.

The Vagabond Opera is an exciting mix of neo-classical opera, vintage Americana, European cabaret, and old world Yiddish theater. The group is brimming with passion and it presents an array of musical pieces accompanied by belly dancers, lusty themes, and lyrics in more than 13 languages. The crowd is welcome to stand up, dance and get involved with the fun that the Vagabond Opera is known for bringing to the town.

Vagabond Opera CDs and merchandise will be available to purchase, so each guest can take home something to remind them of the event.

Admission to see the Vagabond Opera is $16 and the event is limited to guests who are 21 years of age and over. It kicks off June 20 at 8:00 pm and lasts long into the night, but guests can show up as early as 7:30 pm to get the prime seats. Guest should head to the Mystic Theatre at 23 Petaluma Boulevard, North Petaluma, California to catch the Vagabond Opera’s performance.