Development company purchases vacant acres

February 5, 2013 by  

Pacifica Companies, a development company based in San Diego, has purchased three acres of Vacant land in Petaluma. The lots are located at 215 Weller Street and the area is located near the city’s future train station downtown and much talk has ensued about what type of development might be appropriate at such a prominent location.

While the official purchase deal was closed early in December for a price-tag of $900,000, preliminary plans for the location are being discussed. Scott Russell, who is the spokesman for Pacifica Companies, reported that future plans for the area will probably include some kind of residential housing, such as condominiums, apartments, or multifamily units. Russell said that these units would likely be on top floors, while ground floors would probably be used for various retail stores and outlets.

New developments in an area may well mean extra business for local printing companies and other shops and businesses in the area. As new businesses move into the area that is being developed, printing services such as business card printing, catalog printing, and others are likely to be needed as these businesses work to establish themselves in a new location.

Pacifica Companies has also been in discussion with Petaluma Ecumenical Properties about entering into a partnership to provide low-income housing for seniors. City officials and planners hope that Pacifica’s concepts for development of the property will help transform the vacant stretch of property into a thriving connection between downtown’s dining and shopping area and the future train station.