Adventure and sleuthing to head downtown

August 15, 2013 by  

Petaluma is gearing for the 5th Annual Great Petaluma Treasure Hunt. Spanning the breadth of downtown Petaluma, the Hunt is open to teams of all ages.

Competing teams receive a custom map and a series of clues that will lead them through public spaces, businesses, and local landmarks. The clues range from simple to truly challenging, so bringing a diverse team of friends and family members is recommended.

The scavenger hunt has several rules to ensure fun can be had by all. No internet access is allowed to find answers, although public libraries are fair game. The game is meant for foot traffic only, so no vehicles are to be used once the Hunt is on. Optimally, teams of 4-5 members are preferred, although registered individuals have the opportunity to team with others. The first team to complete all clues wins, with prizes for the top three finishers.

Downtown Petaluma will no doubt be packed with participants and locals to enjoy the festivities. Businesses looking to enter a team or two in the competition, or wanting to show their support, are encouraged to help advertise. Banner printing, flyer printing, and poster printing will allow a business to feature themselves as part of the community and a focal point for Petaluma.

The Hunt begins at 2:00 pm this Saturday, August 17, in downtown Petaluma. The first clue will reveal the exact starting location. Online registration is available for $15, while in-person entries on Saturday will cost $20. Proceeds benefit the 2014 Butter & Egg Days Parade & Festival.