Panorama City Kidney Center purchased by Ambulatory Services of America

January 23, 2013 by  

Ambulatory Services of America, based in Brentwood, has purchased a majority interest in the Kidney Center of Panorama City, as well as five other dialysis centers and an acute dialysis program throughout the area.

The other kidney centers involved in the deal are located in Northridge, Sherman Oaks, Verdugo Hills, Van Nuys, and West Los Angeles. Ambulatory Services Inc. purchased the facilities from Kidney Centers Inc and Kant Tucker, M.D, who is Kidney Centers Inc.’s Chief Executive Officer, stated:

“We have spent the last 13 years working to develop these centers with our physician partners while providing excellent care to our patients. Over that period, these six centers have grown to provide care to more than 700 patients. We are confident that ASA and Innovative Dialysis will continue to work with our former partners to build on our legacy.”

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The acute dialysis program that was purchased by American Ambulatory Services serves eight hospitals throughout the area, and the six kidney dialysis centers combine to serve approximately 700 patients. Combined with its other facilities, the company now serves about 7,000 patients through a total of 85 different dialysis programs.