Kaiser Permanente celebrates 50 years in Panorama City

September 13, 2012 by  

Last month, Kaiser Permanente Panorama City commemorated five decades of service in Panorama City. The celebration was not only held in honor of the center’s 50th anniversary, but also served as a groundbreaking ceremony of its new specialty building in Panorama City. In addition, plans were revealed for a new medical center to be located in North Hollywood.

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The facility in Panorama first opened in 1962 with Irving Kiltsner, MD at the helm as the center’s first medical director. Dr. Kiltsner was in attendance at the ceremony and was joined by the Southern California Permanente Medical Group’s executive medical director, Edward M. Ellison, MD. The senior vice president of operations for the Southern California office, Bill Caswell, was also present at the celebration, in addition to a number of area business leaders, community members, and elected officials.

$250,000 in benefits grants was also awarded at the ceremony to a number of non-profit organizations in the area. These organizations included Youth Speak Collectively, Valley Family Center, Penny Lane Centers, San Fernando Valley Community Mental Health Center, and a number of other nonprofits located in and around the area.