Oceanside art schedule announced

June 25, 2013 by  

Southern California’s Oceanside Museum of Art in San Diego always has a range of interesting and thought-provoking exhibitions going on. The summer exhibits and events have now been scheduled and promise to be an interesting and educational line-up of artists.

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This summer visitors to the Oceanside Museum of Art have the creative work of Jay Johnson to admire in the ‘Looking for Things’ exhibit. The media that Jay chooses to work in is that of reclaimed materials, leading to a highly diverse collection of pieces, each of which tells its own story, either from the artist’s imagination or from the world around him.

Joining Jay is Ernest Silva, an artist who uses metaphorical images to tell stories from his past by combining evocative drawings and paintings set on the walls of the exhibition hall with sculptures and props placed on the floor between them and around them. The exhibition is called ‘Volcanos and Full Moons’.

The third artist exhibiting this fall is Charles Arnoldi in his ‘Intersections’ exhibit. His work is contemporary abstract in style and he is internationally recognized for his works in bold and multi-colored paintings. Arnoldi also creates abstract sculptures from a variety of materials, many of which can be seen at this exhibition, which spans the entirety of his 50 year career.

If mind-boggling paintings and sculptures appeal, then the Tony Delap exhibition “Selections From 50 Years’, is a must see. His work stems from his interest in the ambiguities of perception and it is both intriguing and impressive in nature. The exhibition runs from June 30.