Oakland prepares for Holiday Parade

October 30, 2013 by  

Northern California’s America’s Children’s Holiday Parade, now entering its 14th year, will take place in Oakland once again this time round.

A family-friendly event, the parade tends to attract more than 100,000 spectators in preparation for Santa’s arrival at the end of it.

Highlights of the award-winning parade include favorite cartoon and storybook characters. Some will appear in person and others will be featured in huge helium balloons. Some of the characters will include Bugs Bunny, Snoopy, Curious George, and the Berenstain Bears.

Marching bands will perform and floats will add to the fun. The bands are judged by the Northern California Band Association. An award is given to the overall best band and three top performing high school bands will also receive awards.

The America’s Children’s Holiday parade is taking place on December 7 and is the most televised event in the bay area. PBS affiliates across the country will broadcast the event. Locally, the parade is broadcast on various stations.

Banner printing is usually an essential project for organizers of outside events like this. With tens of thousands of spectators, placing banners throughout the city and the direct neighborhoods affected will help to streamline foot traffic. The banners can also be placed in parking lots for the masses to remember where they parked.

For those interested in entering their bands in the competition, the entity website has information on the procedure. Other details can also be found on the America’s Children’s Holiday website or by calling 408-629-2520.