Oakland nature to be displayed in new gallery

May 11, 2013 by  

A new gallery, which will be opened by the Oakland Museum of California at the end of the month, will be concentrating on a California Natural Sciences theme.

Although the new wing of the museum is still in the process of being completed, the finished gallery will feature exhibits from the natural environment of Oakland. The displays will also aim to encourage residents of the city to see the diversity of the natural environment which exists in their own backyard.

The aim of the new gallery is to create a link between the cultural world and natural world, displaying the environment of California and how people interact with nature. The curator of the Oakland Museum of California’s Natural Sciences, Douglas Long, believes that although humans are responsible for damaging the environment and creating ecological changes, they can also be a part of the solution.

Although Oakland is an urban area, evidence of natural habitats still remain. For instance, the oak trees which identify Oakland have been in existence for centuries and host more than forty species. Oak Mapping is an interactive program for visitors to the new gallery of Oakland Museum of California to trace the history of the oak trees existing close to their homes.

The changes displayed on the interactive program will not only be ecological, but also cultural as some of the trees have been destroyed to make way for new neighborhoods while other trees have been left to flourish. The catalog printing may be outsourced to a local printing company, to detail the exhibits for visitors.

The gallery is set to open on May 31.