Oakland community supports Back to School events

August 30, 2013 by  

Oakland, California has recently held a number of back to school events, aimed at providing those students who need some assistance with all necessary equipment to return to school. The Oakland Unified School District has worked alongside Oakland Natives Give Back, to hold the yearly Attend & Achieve Back-To-School event, held for the sixth consecutive year. The Shiloh Church has also organized an event to help students returning to school.

The events are also about getting the community together and helping students to feel supported in their return to school. The co-founder of Oakland Natives Give Back, Nyeisha DeWitt, wants to show young people of the community that they are cared for.

During one event at the City Hall, students received starter kits called ‘Tools for School’ and more giveaways. The Shiloh Church hosted the Back to School Bash and Health Fair for the 15th year, with over 1,000 backpacks distributed to students, along with school supplies. The church also provided food, music, games, and resources for students and their families. The events are more of a celebration of returning to school, to create a festive feel.

At other events which were celebrating the return to school, students were entertained with live music, workshops and refreshments. Books and school supplies, along with backpacks, were distributed on the day. Although news of the events quickly spreads throughout the community, local printing services may have been required to give details of the events and their location, so members of the community were able to attend.