Large cat sighted in nearby Oakland

December 11, 2013 by  

Berkeley parents might need to take it seriously if one of their children mention seeing a large “kitty cat”, as a mountain lion sighting was reported to the Oakland police last Thursday, December 5. The wild feline was spotted on Merriewood Drive in Oakland’s Montclair District.

Lt. Christopher Bolton of the Oakland Police Department made a community announcement about the sighting. He said:

“The caller stated that the animal ran away shortly after being spotted. At this time, no threat to public safety is perceived.”

Oakland Police has recommended a visit to the California Department of Fish and Game website, where some information about the creatures can be found. Another website,, has also been tipped by the Police to be worth looking at, as it include some frequently asked questions.

Although mountain lions are uninterested in humans as prey and will, given the chance, usually flee from their presence, there are instances in which they can be dangerous. Information on the above mentioned websites can provide valuable information that will not only satisfy the public’s curiosity but enable them to keep stay on the safe side as well.

Websites are helpful but brochures are in some ways a better option for spreading valuable information. Some local organizations might take up the cause and order brochure on local wildlife. Included could be what to do when encountering any number of potentially dangerous local animals, and this could result in work for brochure printers in the area.