Brain sculpture is latest project to hit Oakland

July 25, 2013 by  

Mens Amplio, which is translated into “expanding the mind”, is a sculpture of a giant brain to be displayed in Oakland, California.

The interactive model is to be built by a group of artists stating that the sculpture can be controlled by a human brain. The exhibit will stand 15 feet high, produce flash patterns and colors, and will project fire.

The brain will be enclosed inside a wire constructed head built using LEDs and metal tubes. According to the artists, the aim of Mens Amplio is to take the sculpture to various events.

People will be able to control the brain with the use of an EEG headset, which will detect brain activity by measuring electrical fluctuations. The controller’s mood will be reflected by the brain statue. Streaks of light will be darting through the brain if the user has an active mind, while a calm state of mind will be reflected by the lights flowing in a peaceful display. To get the statue to flame throw, the user must be in a meditative state of mind. Most of the funding for the brain sculpture has been provided by the Burning Man project, while the remainder has been raised by Indiegogo.

Towards the completion of the project, the artists may want to utilize the skills of a local print company to provide brochures and posters outlining the details of the sculpture and attendance at events. The artists are also hoping to travel around to various schools with the interactive brain.