Local park and intersection get facelifts for art show

May 8, 2013 by  

Volunteers in Northwood pitched in one Saturday late last month to help spruce up the community and make it more appealing to those entering the area for an upcoming art show.

On Saturday, April 29, a number of individuals in and around Northwood lent a hand in the clean-up and beautification of Chatsworth Park North and the intersection at Rayen Street and Reseda Boulevard in Northridge Village.

Patricia Freman, a resident of Northridge, said:

“It’s making a big impact on the boulevard and changing the face of how it looks and it’s just bringing more business to the neighborhood.”

Neighbors in Northridge generally assemble a few times every year to clean up the community, but this clean-up was in anticipation of the Northridge Village Art Show scheduled to occur on Saturday, May 18.

Volunteers pitched in late last month removing litter, scrubbing away graffiti, and performing other clean-up activities. At the intersection, trash was swept out of gutters and off the highway, and weeds were pulled up to make the area more attractive. Mitch Englander, the L.A. City Councilman, helped to organize the clean-up activities, and a large number of the volunteers who turned out to help clean up the community showed up in honor of Helping Hands Day.

Community volunteer clean-ups such as this may be advertised to the public in a variety of ways, such as through poster printing or flyer printing services likely to be provided by print companies within the community.