Silver Sensations relocates to First Street

December 10, 2012 by  

Silver Sensations, a longtime fixture in Napa, has relocated to a store on First Street. The jewelry store was previously located in the Napa Town Center, but closed early in October. The new owner of the Napa Town Center, Todd Zapolski, is currently renovating the shopping center.

Scott Leonard, who owns Silver Sensations, is currently putting finishing touches on the new store. The move to the new location allowed him to remain with his previous landlords, George Altamura, Sr. and Jr. The father and son currently own the building on First Street, where Silver Sensations is now located.

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The jewelry store’s relocation fills the final vacancy of storefronts at the Coombs and First Street intersection. As recently as a month ago, approximately half of the buildings in that area were empty. Now, all of the vacancies have been filled in just a short time. In addition to Silver Sensations, The Beaded Nomad, Playful Garden/Playful Digs, and Sushi Mambo are located in the area.