Record-breaking pumpkin unearthed in Napa Valley

October 23, 2013 by  

Texas may be state where everything is said to be bigger, but it has nothing over Napa when it comes to that traditional fall garden favorite, the pumpkin. Earlier this month, Tim Mathison of east Napa found out that his prize pumpkins was the new world record holder, weighing in at 2,032 lbs.

The giant squash grew in Mathison’s backyard for 105 days. Formerly, the world record was held by a 2009lb pumpkin grown by Rhode Island resident Ron Wallace in 2012. The formal weighing was done at the 23rd Giant Pumpkin Weigh-Off, which is sponsored by Uesugi Farms.

Printing companies may see a rise in the demand for seed catalog printing when word gets out how much money can be made in “extreme gardening”. Mathison, a lumber salesman, received $14,220 for the world record pumpkin on October 12. Additionally, for breaking the California record with another pumpkin a week earlier, he earned an extra $1,500. On top of everything else, Mathison could get another $16,000 as a bonus if his world record is not topped before November 1.

Mathison says he does not do it for the money, although the cash prices will offset some of his pumpkin growing expenses. He says he loves gardening and does it for the bragging rights.

The humungous pumpkin is to be shipped to New York City for a variety of media events, but Mathison’s hunger for showcasing his crops continues; he entered a third pumpkin into Half Moon Bay Art and Pumpkin Festival last week.