Napa County arts commissioner announces resignation

February 14, 2012 by  

An empty seat must be filled on the Napa County Commission on Arts and Culture. Alvin Lee Block is stepping down as a member of the commission because of health reasons. Block formally announced his resignation at the February Napa City Council meeting.

Block is a retired physician who has sat on the commission since it was organized in 2008. Block said serving on the board granted him the opportunity to take part in community activities; an endeavor that working in a doctor’s office day in and day out wouldn’t permit. He offered his gratitude to the city council for giving him the chance to serve on the board.

Block said he doesn’t believe his current health issues are of “major magnitude,” but nevertheless felt it would be wise to cut back on his activities. Business card printing services may be called upon for a new member of the Napa County Commission on Arts and Culture once a replacement has been named.

The commission was designed to serve as a liaison between government, business, the arts community and the general public. Recommending arts and cultural problems are among its primary objectives.

Disagreements between the commission and other Napa Valley arts organization have been commonplace since its inception. Block insists it was his declining health rather than controversy that led him to his decision to call it quits. He admitted, however, that the ongoing battles were a disappointment. Many of the disputes erupted due to personality clashes rather than policies and can hopefully be resolved, Block noted.