Burlington Hotel to be restored to its former beauty

February 17, 2013 by  

The old Burlington Hotel in Porta Costa, located south of Napa, may soon see her former days of splendor as a town rallies together to restore the historic hotel.

Tales of the Burlington Hotel date back as far as 1883 and include stories of brawls and parties involving sailors and union railroad workers.

The old Victorian-style hotel had been all but forgotten until a waiter and a beekeeper from the nearby city of Crockett fell in love with it and endeavored to bring the old hotel back to life with the help of the small town of only about 200 citizens.

Beekeeper Earl Flewellen said:

“The Burlington was known as a party palace for out-of-towners. We’re changing the culture of the place.”

As the town rallies together to restore an old treasure, awareness within the community and the surrounding area might be achieved through the use of flyer printing, poster printing, or other methods of advertising.

Residents of the town cleared out numerous boxes and other junk from the lobby of the hotel and replaced them with a front desk and a piano. Local citizens each adopted a room in the hotel and proceeded to clean it up. Each of the rooms in the Burlington Hotel have been cleaned up, painted, and furnished with Victorian antiques that were donated to the restoration of the landmark. Magazines dating back to the 1940s and 1950s are even scattered throughout the hotel. The electric in the building has also been rewired.

The Burlington is still an unfinished project, but the town is slowly restoring it to its former charm.